General channel-routing algorithm

TitleGeneral channel-routing algorithm
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsMarek-Sadowska, M, Kuh, ES
JournalElectronic Circuits and Systems, IEE Proceedings G
Pagination83 -88
Date Publishedjune
Keywords2-layer channel-routing problem, CAD, circuit layout CAD, horizontal connections, IC layout, integrated circuit technology, large scale integration, monolithic integrated circuits, order graph, routing algorithm, vertical connections, VLSI layout design
AbstractA new approach to the 2-layer channel-routing problem is introduced. The method allows horizontal and vertical connections on both layers. An order graph similar to the traditional vertical constraint graph is used in the algorithm. The main advantage is that the method is general and is immune to cyclic constraints. Furthermore, the channel width does not have a lower bound equal to the maximum density.